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ahahahahahaha!!!!  : )
omg, i LOVE erika lopez! xoxo
love you!  have fun on your special day! xoxo love, chinchilla xx
hi everyone, please note i have deleted all the comments which violate our guidelines.  please take a moment to re-read the guidelines and follow the rules when posting on this site.  thank you all for your cooperation. best wishes, katina Velvetpark Etiquette Be civil/mind your tone...
tex, you so sweet i wanna squeeze you and put you in my tea  xoxo
hey you gays, the payment system is in place.  if there’s any type of technical problems you’re having, or any questions, etc., you can always reach out to me – through the contact form http://www.velvetparkmedia.com/contact Thank you for your support!
but seriously, there is no one who appreciates home cooking more - even the simplest things.  especially the simplest things xx  oh, and she always brings wine.  or kale salad xx    : )
she also shows up HOURS early, and makes you feel bad cuz she's starving...  ; )
o blush  : )  xx
just want everyone to know there is truly no fixed place where i jump in - it's just at the end of any particular thread when there is a need for it xx best wishes, katina
please try to refrain from attacking each other personally.  we've all been in a heated debate and had extremely strong feelings / opinions / etc. to express.  that is fine, but please just try to remember the posting guidelines when communicating with each other.  comment on the...
love and hugs xx  thank you very much y'all xx
o my goddess, i love you gays xx  thank you e'rbdy! xx  sending all my gratitude for you cooperation and understanding, and invisible (but very real) hugz xx
it's just really so much better when we keep things civil at least, no?  i mean - disagree you guys.  okay, by all means.  that happens, we are all different and entitled to our own opinions, and these opinions differ.  but seriously, there is absolutely no reason to get all...
; )
; )
hey guys, please be civil.  if this escalates, we will have to start deleting comments.  we don't want to be babysitting.  this should be self explanatory, yeah?  
hahahahha!!!!!!!!  love it xx
hey mystic, thanks for your comments - the guidelines are posted here:  http://www.velvetparkmedia.com/community-guidelines you can find them at the bottom of every vp page, too.  let me know if you have any questions - moderator@velvetparkmedia.com best wishes, katina
Hi RobinR, Thanks so much for writing - our tech team is working on adjusting the settings.  We'll see if we can make it so that you can change your username sometime in the future (more expanded functionality is coming in phase II). Best Wishes, katina
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