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It's Planet Glee, Heyyyyyy... Planet Unicorn to Join the Cast of Glee

It's Planet Glee, Heyyyyyy... Planet Unicorn to Join the Cast of Glee

You know, bois n’ grrlz, it really does sometimes seem like every article I write about Glee could be called “They Found a Way to Make It Gayer.” Well…they found a way to make it gayer.

Yes, Ryan Murphy announced through The Paley Center last night that Glee will be adding two new minority characters in season 3, to be played by Feathers and Cadillac from the popular web show Planet Unicorn.

“This is a show about arts education; this is a show about inclusion,” Murphy said to press at the Paley Center last night. “We’ve used the show as a platform for so many different minority groups in teenage life, from gay, lesbian and bisexual teens, to disabled teens; religious minorities, and even gay sharks have gotten their chance to shine. But there’s been one group that’s been conspicuously absent from the ensemble—particularly in the context of show choir—and that’s the gay unicorns.”

Yep. Ryan Murphy wants all the teenage gay unicorns out there to know that they, too, will have a voice on Glee in the coming season. Feathers and Cadillac were also on scene for the press interviews at the Paley Center, and they couldn’t be happier to make the leap from underground-indie web show to the most popular primetime television show on the planet—though Cadillac did express some trepidation about leaving the Unicorn Falls to film in LA’s Paramount Studios.

“We just love Glee in Unicorn Falls,” the coiffed Cadillac said to press at the Paley Center. “But we are a little nervous-nellie about the food and accommodations over in Los Angeles, you know. We’ve heard all about miss Lea Michele and her vegan fussypants, so hopefully the studio won’t mind terribly that we must have daily shipments of fresh ambrosia salad from our home on Planet Unicorn. This fluffy bitch can’t sing a lick unless he has his ambrosia salad.”

Murphy was quick to reassure the cast and press that every measure will be taken to accommodate the special needs of the unicorns on set: “PETA has been monitoring our progress, and the entire crew has been really on the ball about respecting and responding to the unicorns’ special diet and needs. In fact, we’ve already gotten a special endorsement from Adult Swim’s Robot Unicorn Attack game which will be funding the daily FedEx shipments of ambrosia salad from the Unicorn Falls.”

Chris Colfer and on-screen paramour Darren Criss say they’re thrilled to share their spotlight with new cast members Feathers and Cadillac.


When asked how he felt about his colleague Cadillac referring to him as a “fluffy bitch,” and whether there would be a competitive or, some have speculated, a romantic storyline for the two unicorns, Feathers reportedly turned his back on the press line and pooped glitter on them.

What do you think, bois n’ grrlz? Are you psyched to see what new levels of gooey gay goodness will be achieved with Planet Unicorn on deck? Stay tuned for further updates from Ryan Murphy and the gang, and don’t forget to tune in for the return of Glee on April 19th