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New Meds Might Stop Meth

It seems a breakthrough in reducing the number of meth addicts might finally be possible as one chain of stores has come up with a rather novel way to beat the meth cooks.

The Brookshire Brothers grocery chain in the Lufkin area of East Texas, have said that using the decongestant Nexafed will lead to a decrease in the number of meth dealers.

This new drug is apparently going to replace the ordinary Sudafed nasal decongestant which is broken down by meth cooks to extract the pseudoephedrine, a chemical they then use to produce the powerful drug methamphetamine.

Why Use it?

Currently it’s the only type of medicine on the market that can’t be broken down, unlike Sudafed, Nexafed leaves behind a gel that’s impossible to remove when meth cooks try to extract the pseudoephedrine compound, rendering their meth cook pointless.

According to local Sheriff Lt Sergio Luna, the amount of meth being used in the area has increased exponentially over the last fifteen years with Texas becoming the one state with the highest usage of meth in the entire country.

Brookshire Brothers have already added Nexafed to their five pharmacies in the Lufkin area with plans to move it to their other stores to help law enforcement officials in shutting down the meth dealers.

Regards to their decision the Brookshire Brothers company said: “We know selling that product isn’t going to turn it into anything else. It’s going to be a decongestant for customers and if it then gets into someone else’s hands then there’s nothing they can do with it.”

The Reaction to It

Their breakthrough idea has already gotten a ton of support from local Lufkin authorities who praised the company’s idea by commenting: “Any pharmaceutical company that can assist in preventing the manufacturing or distribution of meth is greatly appreciated.”

A nice touch from this development is that Acura Pharmaceuticals, the company who created Nexafed, have stated on their company website that portions of the sales numbers of their products will be donated towards non-profit meth projects.

This is in order to help raise awareness about the dangers of using meth and the subsequent detrimental health effects this incredibly powerful drug can have on people who use it.

Why Is It So Significant?

For a business to identify that they’re part of the problem and actively take steps to prevent it rather than just cash in on the misfortune of their customers is incredibly important.

All it takes is company to come out and say yes we’re not helping, but here are some options that we think will benefit not just us for sales but the community as a whole.

Other companies would trump out charges against the supplier saying that they should change the drug, whilst hypocritically providing the drug in store because it’s still another retail item for them to sell and others people’s misfortune just isn’t their problem.

Perhaps it’s a philosophy that other retailers should take into consideration to improve not only their business but their standing in the local community.

Bridging the gap between us and the faceless corporations that most business tends to try and model themselves after by hacking up prices and excluding their customer base.

Either way it’s a great development against the war on drugs and should hopefully lead to the number of meth users decreasing in East Texas and perhaps worldwide.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with a drug addiction then click here for some helpful information, advice and where to seek support for your or their addiction.