What is Velvetpark?
Velvetpark is an integrated social network for lesbians and queers featuring blogs, news, video content and an exclusive lesbian dating network.

Who is Behind Velvetpark?
Velvetpark began as a lesbian arts and culture print magazine in 2002, and has blossomed into an online portal and community hub. This site is independently owned and operated by out and proud lesbians and queers. We are NOT an affiliate program, nor was our site created by a 3rd party service. The social and dating services on Velvetpark were created and designed by us and constitute the only custom designed online lesbian dating community. Our staff and contributors can be viewed on our About page.

Is Velvetpark now a paid service?
All of Velvetpark's blog and video content is available for free. Your opt-in membership and participation on the blogs as well as creating your own profile are all free services. Some of our enhanced dating and social features are paid products. Velvetpark's rates are the lowest in the dating Industry, just $5.95 per month with NO hidden costs.

How do you differentiate yourself from other dating services?
We've thought long and hard about how lesbians socialize, how we date, and our relationships. What we've realized is that we are a community. No one knows us better than we know ourselves, or better than our friends. We've designed Velvetpark Mate to work as an online extension of how queer women meet and mingle in real life: through participating in creating community and through mutual friends.

Will you sell my data or Email address?
No. We absolutely will not sell or give away your Email address! Additionally, Velvetpark does not claim any ownership rights to any materials that you submit, post, or display on or through the site.

What happens when you Crush someone?
When you add someone as a Crush, they will appear on your profile page on your Crush list. Just like your BFF list connects you with your friends in the network, your Crush list connects you with your Crushes. Once you have confirmed someone as a Crush, they will also be notified of this via email. Essentially, Crushing is a way of letting the people you're interested in know that they've caught your eye. Likewise, your Crush list on your profile communicates to your BFFs and anyone else browsing your profile which folks you're currently Crushing on.

To add someone to your Crush list, go to their profile and click the "Add to Crushes" link located below their user photo. A confirmation message will appear asking if you're sure you want to declare a Crush on this person.

Additionally, if you want to let that special someone know that you are crushing on them and you hope they will Crush you back, check their BFF list to see if you have any friends in common. If you do, you can request a Hook Up.

What is a Hook Up?
Hook Up is a dating feature that allows you to do two things: 1) Play matchmaker and try to Hook Up two of your BFFs who you think should get to know each other better, and 2) Request that one of your BFFs hook you up with one of their friends. Essentially, a Hook Up request allows you the chance to find out if your Crush is Crushing back--with a little help from your friends. It also gives you a chance to get that special seal of approval from a mutual friend who will vouch for you to the person you like. A successful Hook Up request, when accepted by all parties, will result in a mutual Crush relationship between the two people who have been Hooked Up, opening the door for potential romance.

To Hook Up two of your BFFs, go to your own profile page. Using your BFF list, locate one of the friends you want to Hook Up. Below their picture is a rainbow icon, which, if you mouse over it, should say "Hook Up your BFF." Click this icon and the Hook Up page will launch, asking you to select who this person should be hooked up with and to enter a personal message to both BFFs about why they ought to get to acquainted.

To request a Hook Up from your BFF, visit their profile and locate the person you want to Crush on using your friend's BFF list. Once you have located your Crush on your friend's BFF list, click the phone icon below their picture. (When you mouse over it, it should read "Hook Me up with So-and-So.") This will launch the Hook Up request process, allowing you to include a personal message for your BFF's eyes only.

One of the nice things about being able to ask your BFFs for a Hook Up is that you're just getting the ball rolling behind the scenes. If your BFF agrees to try to Hook You Up, it will appear to the third party that the Hook Up was your mutual friend's idea, not necessarily yours. This takes some of the pressure off you.

Why leave a love note?
Love notes are special comments you can leave for your friends or for someone you are interested in. These notes can either be made public or private when sent, as well as personalized with one of nine "Love Note Icons" (i.e. heart, cocktail, xoxo, turkey baster) to set the tone for the kind of note you're leaving (i.e. romantic, sexy, silly).

Love notes are to help you start a flirtation, if you want to get more serious we encourage you to use Private Messages. You are not be able to add Email addresses in your Love Notes.