The World Bank And Gay Rights

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The World Bank is aiming toward the promotion of gay rights. President Jim Kim has issued a statement saying the need to get rid of “institutionalised discrimination” is to be transformed into an urgent task. The World Bank President decided to pause a loan worth $90 million that was supposed to help the health sector in Uganda due to the anti-gay law recently introduced by the government of this country. Kim has ordered the overhaul of the lending policies of the respective bank in order to make sure that the lent money will not under any circumstances help support anti-gay laws.   


Gay Marriage Proposed By World Bank President


Jim Kim has also proposed gay marriages, while also stating that bigotry is abhorrent and the respective laws that are entrenching it need to be condemned and abolished. The current laws in Uganda enable the maximum life imprisonment sentence for a person convicted for homosexuality. Uganda citizens are also required to report people who are suspected of being gay according to the same law. However, there are voice claiming that the initiative of the World Bank President appears to be misguided. The institution plays the role of a critical technocratic development organization and should not be treated as an appropriate environment for such political advocacy.



The fact that the World Bank is now planning on approving loans while keeping a close eye on the matter of gay rights is prone to turn the institution into a less efficient one. Stay tuned for more information on the topic; use your mobile device to keep up with our latest news and check out the Euro Palace mobile version of one of the most popular casinos on the web. With a 100% bonus for your first deposit worth up to 150 and a second 50% deposit for your second deposit up to 300, Euro Palace is worth a visit.