ThreeWay: Hot Lesbian Witches

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ThreeWay: Hot Lesbian Witches

Amy: I had a full moon ceremony Sunday night!

Katie:  You did?!

Amy: Yeah. My friend upstairs do it all the time and I make fun of them, but was secretly jealous so I finally joined them.

Julia: What was it like?

Amy: It was fun! We wrote things on paper that we wanted to get rid of and then burned them while chanting. Actually, I made them chant because I thought it was what was supposed to happen. They don't usually do that. We chanted like Jambi from Pee-wee's Playhouse.

Julia: JAMBI!

Amy: I was making fun, but then I actually got into it and felt it.

Uh... when you said you wanted to roleplay hot lesbian witches, this isn't exactly what I had in mind...

Katie: You just winged it? Like, made up your own rules?

They always do it at full moons, the burning of paper and dousing it with milk. But you can add things if you want. So they let me add the chant.

Julia: I appreciate a good DIY ritual. Gotta say.

Amy: Have you done a full moon ritual?

Julia: No, never an official one. I used to make up my own rituals in high school. Just simple things, like, draw a circle around myself and pray in the middle. Stuff like that.

Katie: Ha! Amazing!

Amy: Pray to god?

Julia: Yeah. I was raised Catholic but was extremely heretical from a young age.

Amy: Me too!

Julia: I left the church at 12 because of a) misogyny and b) I didn't like anyone trying to tell me that because I was a girl I could never aspire to truly speak to God on my own behalf, and would always need a male priest to do that for me. Highly offensive.

Amy: I was curious because we talked about that last night. One of them joked about making the sign of the cross and I told her you can't combine Catholicism with witchcraft.

Julia: 'Course you can. It's ironic.  Ironic religion is the best kind.

Katie:  How do you guys identify now? Agnostics?

Julia: No, not agnostic. I've had a strong innate belief in god since I was

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Jenny Aisenberg's picture

oh, lesbian wiccans...

you guys crack me up. I think every teenage lesbo went through a wiccan phase, if not a straight pop-culture witch phase-- even nice Jewish girls like me! seriously, have any of us not read "to ride a silver broomstick?" ...and kept a wiccan journal as Ms. RavenWolf instructs? lol Smile

"We're all born naked. The rest is drag."
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

Tiff's picture


I feel like I'm missing something between pages 3 & 4. Is it possible a line or two was left out?

Also, it's interesting that you brought up women, religion, etc. Just posted this on facebook, today:

Oh, and remember how on an episode of the L Word, Jenny had this theory about lesbians wanting monkeys and straight girls wanting ponies (I def wanted a monkey) as kids? I've had a similar theory about young lesbians wanting to be witches whereas straight little girls want to be princesses. Smile

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It looks like the picture

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