Lesbian TV Geek Deja Blues: An Open Letter to Shonda Rhimes

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Lesbian TV Geek Deja Blues: An Open Letter to Shonda Rhimes

**Spoiler warning: Bigtime Buffy season six and current Grey’s Anatomy storyline minor spoilers dropped below.

Dear Shonda Rhimes,

I heart your firstborn TV show. Hard. I love musicals, too, but I admit I was a little skeptical when I heard you guys were doing a musical ep on Grey’s Anatomy. And when I learned that this particular episode would center around a) Callie and Arizona, and b) something really terrible happening to Callie and Arizona, I, a grownass woman in a US of A imperiled by natural disasters, corporate greed, and a culture war being waged against women and people who aren’t rich, PANICKED. About a TV show. Here’s why:

Nine years ago, a musical episode heralded the beginning of the reallybadend for my all-time favorite TV lesbian couple on my all-time favorite show. I speak, obvs, of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s sixth season. It was there that ingenious but ultimately hard-hearted harbinger of singsongy doom, Joss Whedon, let Willow and Tara crash and burn in a display of evil/dead lesbian cliché so painful to behold that I, a diehard Buffy fan, couldn’t bring myself to watch the final season of the show or even partake of my beloved earlier seasons of Buffy on DVD for the duration of the two years of nuclear fandom fallout that followed. (I still SEE RED every time someone mentions yellow crayons in my presence.)












Just what this Hellmouth needs: another humble white male carpenter here to save you from an evil lesbian vengeance storyline with only his love, phallic imagery and a story about a yellow crayon.

I know you are a fan of all things Buff, too. That is why I address this letter to you personally. Because I think there is a real chance for you to succeed where Joss and co. failed so miserably. (Which was scary to a level I cannot adequately explain: how terribly wrong he and his up-‘til-then brills posse got it, after they had established such freaking smart street cred in the way they played with the place where gender, sexuality, the supernatural and subtext all collide—for god’s sake, that’s the mythic foundation on which Buffy was built!)

After what happened to Willow and Tara I swore I would never get my lesbian TV geek heart all twisted up around another mainstream TV, primetime lesbian couple.  

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Yes Indeed!

Julia I love this! I still have to rewatch last week but surely hope all comes out well this week...yes welcome back! You know I've missed this! :) 

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Write on, please.

Nice to see this. I was beginning to wonder if they had outlawed the TV machine or you had been kidnapped by the forces of evil.

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The latter, only we try to

The latter, only we try to refer to it as "grad school" instead of by its more formal name (the forces of evil).

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damn, i love it when you get soooo fucking empassioned. i heart you, julia!

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yeah nice to have julia back

yeah nice to have julia back in tv action Smile

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