Ask Amy: Makeovers, Acne and More

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Ask Amy: Makeovers, Acne and More

I saw you walking down the street the other day, walking your dogs. You looked pretty cute.

Stalker! You're back! I've been missing you. Listen, I've been watching way too much of the TV show, What Not to Wear and have been asking Ali to nominate me. There's this part where they secretly videotape you going to work and running errands. When you're ambushed and told that your loved ones think you look like shit, they play back the video to prove it. Then, BAM! Free make-over! $5,000 in new clothes and shoes.

I think you're lying because I've been walking around looking like shit- wearing sweats and hiking boots, hoping that Ali nominates me to be on the show. I'll totally pretend like I have no fashion sense to get a free wardrobe! Or, I actually have no fashion sense and pretend like its on purpose.

Have you seen the episode with Mayim Bialik? (photo credit: TLC)

Is it true? There are rumors that Lez BoBo is handing up her clown shoes! Say it ain't so Bobo!

I think you meant to say "hanging" up her clown shoes. Yes, sort of. She is retiring from live performance for a while. She is exploring video projects though. Stay tuned by friending her on facebook at

Her swan song was the best! She performed at Subterranean with a whole clown crew, calling themselves Lez Bobo and Friends. They opened for Katastrophe and MEN. Here's a video!


Do you drive or ride the CTA and why? I think I know the answer and I swear I'm not judging you.

To work, I mostly get rides with my friend. Otherwise, I drive. Because:

1) Ali had ankle surgery so I have to drive her to work and around town (ok, this ended about 3 weeks ago).

2) Gas is cheap (no).

I should ride the CTA. But honestly, when Ali and I aren't carpooling, I am with someone else. UGH! You're making me feel so guilty. While I'm airing it all, I should tell you that when I drive the car and park at meters, I use Ali's temporary handicap permit. It allows you to park for free at the meter! That's awesome. I DO NOT park in handicap spots, even when Ali is with me. Still, for some reason I feel guilty parking at meters for free, even though Chicago meters are the biggest scam, so I sometimes fake a limp into the building.


How do you keep your skin so clear?

I've been dreaming of being asked this question since I was in sixth grade. It was then that I started developing cystic acne. My skin was so horrible that eventually, in college, I had to go on Accutane, which is a horribly harsh prescription medication that has been to blame for birth defects and murder/suicides. It makes your skin worse at first, then causes your skin to practically peel off, it's so dry. Your face gets redder than the recurring nose bleeds- both fun side-effects.

Then, to top it off, Accutane causes severe clinical depression. I'm surprised I didn't murder anyone- I was a good candidate because at that time, I was also an angsty early 20-something who hated the world. Moral of the story? Be glad you know me now: post-acne, post-angst.


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